Children talking about books

Children love books. And they love to tell others about them, too. Reuben Joseph, an 11-year-old from Hertfordshire, had a brilliant idea when he was just 9: he set up his own website which reviews books for children by children. No adult reviewers allowed. It’s called Mango Bubbles Books The reviews are enthusiastic and lots of them are full of exclamation marks – just like children themselves. When you’re wondering which books to buy children for Christmas, Mango Bubbles might be just the place to start.

For a children’s author, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of reading a surprise recommendation of your story: thank you, Kiera, I’m delighted you enjoyed Walking on Gold and wrote to ‘The Week Junior’ about it. (‘The Week Junior‘ is Britain’s fastest growing children’s magazine!)

Reviews can be short and sweet or longer and more complex but do mention the title of the book and its author, and the names of some of the characters. Tell people what the story is about and why you liked it. Luisa Plaja, on the Booktrust site, gives her top ten tips for starting your own book blog

When you’ve enjoyed reading a book, why not write about it? Make an author’s day!

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